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Big Walnut School Bond Issue

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Vote Yes?

FAQ #1 - Why should I vote “FOR” the bond on November 7th?
A vote FOR Big Walnut schools would approve a bond and permanent improvement levy.
Bond = new buildings (new elementary school and new high school)
Permanent improvement levy = money for maintenance on all buildings’ infrastructure and upgrades to security at school buildings
FAQ #2 - What does a vote “AGAINST” mean for our School District?
The district plans to purchase up to 67 more trailer classrooms.
No expansion of common spaces such as cafeteria, hallways, and restrooms.
Staff can not be added resulting in extremely high class sizes.
Students will likely be bussed to other schools, rather than the closest one.

Community Growth

FAQ #3 - Can’t the school district stop the growth of the community? If I vote against the building of new schools, can that prevent growth in our area?
No, the school district has no say in how many businesses or homes are built in Big Walnut. Even though the district has zero control over the growth, the school district is mandated to educate all students who move into the district.
FAQ #4 - Is the growth of the district different than what has been experienced before?
Yes. Big Walnut school district is growing at twice the rate it did five years ago, and new homes are continuing to be built.
FAQ #5 - I know there is an overcrowding at the elementary level, but is it really an issue at the high school level?
Yes. The current 6th through 9th grades will not fit in our high school. Note: it takes four years to build a high school.

Security for Buildings

FAQ #6 - I’ve heard a lot about security for our schools. Why does school security need improving?
Only two Big Walnut schools (GRE and BWMS) were built at a time when funneling all visitors through one entrance was a priority. While the five other schools have security cameras, they still need updated entrances that ensure visitors are forced through the front office before having access to classrooms and hallways. This provides the safest and most secure environment for our children.

FAQ #7 - How does the growth of the district affect the security of the buildings?
A “FOR” vote on November 7th will provide the district with funds to update entrances at the five older schools. If the bond does not pass, Big Walnut plans to put more classrooms in trailers which have no secure entrances and are disconnected from the main buildings.

District Finances

FAQ #8 - Now that the Tanger Outlets are here, why can’t the district use the money it gets from the outlets to help pay for new schools and building improvements?
Tanger Outlets is only required to pay the district $350,000. The outlet money would not even cover the school district’s utility bill for one year.
FAQ #9 - Why doesn’t the district use the money it is spending on chromebooks to instead build the new buildings it needs.
Chromebooks are purchased for students because they are a more cost-effective option compared to textbooks, which are often obsolete shortly after they are published. As our students are learning in a digital age, we want to make sure we are giving them an education that includes opportunities to communicate and collaborate using technology. Also, the district purchasing chromebooks is a cost in the thousands of dollars, while construction on multiple school buildings is a cost in the millions of dollars. The price of chromebooks would not fund the construction of new school buildings.

What is the difference between a BOND and a PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT LEVY?

BOND = funds that can only used to build buildings and buy/replace equipment.
PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT LEVY = funds that can only be used for repairs to buildings (i.e., roof repairs, HVAC maintenance, updating aging boilers, upgrading electrical infrastructure, etc.)
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Big Walnut School Bond Issue
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